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Portfolios based on Fairness, Asset Allocation, Diversification, Manager Selection and Active Risk Management


Triple F Ethical Fund

A closed-end, hybrid fund focusing on investments in private equity and venture capital. Always UNPRI and Sharia compliant.



No longer just a word, but becoming a precious value in this age of ‘speedy deals’ and cut-throat competition.


Parmenion Ethical

Asset Allocation | Investment Manager / Fund Selection | Portfolio Advisory | Private Equity | Philanthropy

Parmenion Ethical is Netherlands-based with a representative office in Luxembourg and strong ties in the Middle East. It provides fund advisory solutions to the growing markets of ethical and shariah-compliant investing. We believe that there is added value in both Western-style, ESG investing based on the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI), and in following the guidelines of Islamic Finance.

We apply both filters and have labeled this approach: Fair Finance.

At Parmenion Ethical we value openness and transparency. We will therefore not only share with you our philosophy and concept but also some key information from our quantitative models. Parmenion Group follows a ‘man-machine’ concept in which the rigor of quant models supports the qualitative analytical work by humans.

Dozens of statistical variables (financial market data, macro- and microeconomic information, geopolitical risk indicators, corruption and competitiveness ratings etc.) are collectively the ‘fuel’ of our machine processes. Various statistics based on these key data will be presented on our Stats & Figures page.

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