Triple F Ethical Fund

Fair Finance Fund Europe

Triple F EMFM


Parmenion Ethical’s first fund will be the Triple F Ethical Fund. This fund-of-funds consists of three components/sub-funds. Two of which will have a separate ISIN code at the sub-fund level as well.

  1. The Triple F Ethical Fund will invest globally in private equity and venture capital. It is a closed-end, hybrid fund, meaning that it will first try to find ‘best-of-breed’ third-party funds. When not capable of finding these funds, we will fill in the white spots in our portfolio with direct investments.
  2. The Fair Finance Fund Europe (FFF-E) is a sub-fund consisting solely of direct investments in smaller European companies and ventures. Selected entrepreneurs will of course have to comply with our Fair Finance screen.
  3. The second sub-fund, Triple F Emerging and Frontier Markets (EMFM) Private Equity Fund is a hybrid. It will mainly invest in third party funds, but it can invest in direct investments as well.

Both the Fair Finance Fund Europe and the Triple F Emerging and Frontier Markets Private Equity Fund have their own ISIN. Well-informed investors could contemplate investments in one or both of these sub-funds only.

The third sub-fond, the Triple F Global Private Equity Fund, does not have its own ISIN code. It is the anchor component of the Triple F Ethical Fund and we recommend investors looking for a balanced, ethical private equity strategy to invest in all three sub-funds by going straight for Triple F Ethical.

In this chapter you will find general information about our fund and sub-funds. As you will see the Fund offers a good investment return, while at the same time helping Fair Finance in general and social entrepreneurs in particular. In case you require more detailed information, click here.