Triple F Foundation

Coaching & Training

Our ethical approach does also involve that we do know upfront that we – like other people – will not be perfect. We make mistakes. And as soon as we find out we will correct them. One of the mistakes could be that a fund or direct investment – initially compliant with our Fair Finance screen – could later turn out to be impure. Parmenion Group and Parmenion Ethical have established their own charity – Triple F Foundation – through which we coordinate the purification of our funds. The charity is also open to direct contributions by Group companies and third parties.

Through Triple F Foundation we will help (wannabe-) entrepreneurs and managers in emerging and frontier market countries by providing them with essential knowledge about economics and finance, quantitative and management skills and admission to our useful network. We will work closely together with local schools and universities where possible. But this is not the only thing we do. Where possible, we will also stimulate gender diversity and help minority entrepreneurs in more developed countries.

Parmenion Ethical is an activist shareholder and a transparent company. We will assist portfolio companies within our Funds with tailor-made coaching and training programs. These programs will also be available for selected trainees from emerging and frontier market countries.