Coaching and training are effective tools to share knowledge and experience.


Both ‘coaching’ and ‘training’ are geared towards improving communication skills through listening, questioning and clarifying in order to shift perspectives and discover different approaches to achieve goals.

Through our work as investors, we have come across many different types of companies and entrepreneurs; both nationally and internationally.

We focus on ‘Fair Finance’ and ‘Best-of-Breed’ and the possibility to add value to talented entrepreneurs in situations in which we serve as activist shareholders either directly or via our Funds. This specific focus made us realize that ‘coaching and training’ is a great means for structural improvement within our portfolio companies.

Parmenion Ethical and its coaches/trainers can help these companies to expand their technical, commercial and financial skill sets, integrate best Fair Finance practices into their corporate strategy and work together on the growth of relevant international networks.

Seen from this angle, coaching and training for the benefit and welfare of the entrepreneurs supported by Parmenion Ethical will be an act of purification by itself. Through our foundation Triple F Foundation, we will make education and knowledge transfer through coaching and training available to global entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow who want to grow their business in a socially-responsible and ethical way.

Within the context of Parmenion Ethical and the Fair Finance Fund in particular coaching will be a natural and necessary part of any financial support and participation that may be agreed upon. Coaches will be selected from Parmenion’s own international academic and business network.

The coaching aspect of our activist approach will be most prominent in smaller ventures and start-ups (although we will limit the latter in terms of relative allocation within our funds), and it will transition gradually into a more non-executive, advisory role with our larger participations. In all cases we believe that our investment in this activist approach will improve the expected risk-adjusted returns for our investors, thereby creating a win-win situation for investors, investees and society as a whole.




Within Parmenion Ethical we do at times also have traineeship opportunities for (post-)graduate students who are interested in our approach and who have a CV to prove affinity with it. In case you are interested in this and/or in case you might already be working on a research project that might benefit from a partnership with us, do not hesitate to contact us.