Investment Approach


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The Parmenion Ethical Concept has four core components:

  • The application of a dual ethical filter; one based on the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UN-PRI) and one based on Islamic Finance. Together we have labeled this our ‘Fair Finance Screen’.
  • We are structured investors who use Parmenion Group’s intellectual property/investment concept as beacon in every investment decision we take.
  • We are our clients’ fiduciary partner and adhere to the ‘best-of-breed’ principle; i.e. we will use top-level funds that are superior to their peer group and relevant benchmark if they are available. If not, we are open to direct – as opposed to ‘fund’ – investment.
  • We know our concept and we are good at structuring, but we also know that we do not know everything. Where necessary we will use partners and advisors to optimize our service for you.

More details about each of these four core components in this chapter.