The Parmenion Group’s ‘best-of-breed’ approach is to a certain extent a humble one. We do not pretend to know it all or be the best in everything and do as such establish partnerships with other entities within and outside our Group. At these pages we give you more information about our current partnerships:

We are open to new partnerships. In all cases, Parmenion Group in general and Parmenion Ethical in particular will stick to its well-defined, top-down focused Investment and Corporate Finance Approach. Our partners strengthen our joint partnership by adding specialized bottom-up expertise and/or by providing knowledge and distribution in new geographical areas.

Taking into account the fact that ‘Fairness’ and an ethical approach to business are a condition sine qua non for Parmenion Ethical, we do require our partners to not just accept this but to actively help us promote this philosophy.

Our Group’s main partnership philosophy is a simple one: we believe that in a globalized industry like Finance & Investments the generalist’s top-down focus and the specialist’s bottom-up/geographical focus are equally important. We will therefore always use a 50-50 JV structure as our first thought, although we are open to minority stakes in selected, larger cases.

Parmenion Group will in selected, larger cases work closely together with its network of family offices and ultra-high net-worth individuals when considering partnerships.