Evolve (based in Almere, Netherlands and Sibiu, Romania) is a newly-created FinTech fund advisor.  It is a joint venture between Parmenion Soparfi (50% shareholder), Parmenion Ethical (15%) and key staff from the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Romania (together 35%).

The founding partners believe that the impact of digitalization will translate into enormous changes in sectors where ‘the necessity of being online’ and ‘new finance’ (one of Parmenion’s core themes) both play a pivotal role. Evolve believes that the following five sectors will be among the most affected:

  • Financial Services (‘FinTech’)
  • Fashion & Luxury
  • Entertainment
  • B2B
  • Retail

Parmenion Ethical is happy that Evolve has decided to collaborate closely with us in the development of its Global FinTech Fund (under construction). Evolve subscribes to our definition of FAIRNESS and it believes that part of the changes the world will go through – in general and in FinTech in particular – will be directly linked to the fact that ‘Millenials’ as the new consumers, workers, decision takers are demanding ethical investment practices to a far larger extent than the baby-boomers who focused more on risk-adjusted return in a mechanical way.

Companies in rapidly developing countries and/or evolving companies in developed countries will have to be prepared for potentially disruptive changes. Evolve will help them transform ‘disruptive threats’ into ‘creative opportunities’. Evolve’s Global FinTech fund solution will focus primarily on the first-mentioned key sector above. Investments in the other key sectors are done via funds of Parmenion Ethical, with Evolve serving as one of our main advisors.

Evolve’s key staff has gained experience across the globe and has a hands-on track record including successful private equity/venture capital deals in FinTech space even before that ‘hot’ term was officially used.

For more information please visit Evolve’s website.