The traditional antidote against excessive selfishness is to wake up to the need of universal welfare. A whole world flourishing with all creatures striving for mutual welfare is a sure way to inner peace and mental satisfaction.

In this respect it is significant that quite a few of the wealthiest people on earth concluded that giving away all or part of their wealth is much more rewarding than just amassing even more wealth. A growing number of family offices across the globe follow the examples of Bill and Melissa Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many others.

Actually, pious Muslims, Protestants and other Christians were practicing this already much earlier. Philanthropy is no longer just a word, but is becoming more and more a precious value in this age of ‘speedy deals’ and cut-throat competition. And that is a strange contradiction.

If you clearly understand the course of life, then you will know that determination of what will happen next is impossible. Nothing is permanent. So when you find yourself in a comfortable financial position, it is important to donate at least a little to charity. Parmenion Ethical believes that people should not amass everything for themselves whilst relentlessly disregarding and denying help to the needy.


Supporting YOUR charitable goals


Considering this universal necessity to also take into account the plight of the needy, we facilitate the need for charity, for philanthropy. Fund advisor Parmenion sees the opportunity of joining best-of-breed wealth management services with your practical philanthropy as a natural way of bridging at least part of the ever widening gap between rich and poor.


Our Philanthropy solutions


The investable amount can be invested in a special purpose vehicle or tailor-made investment fund (in case you have more than EUR 10 million in charitable investments) in which we use our ethical investment approach to increase the value base of the charity, while at the same time ensuring smooth allocation to charitable causes defined by you, either via occasional, ad-hoc allocations or via disinvestments at regular intervals. Together with our best-of-breed fund administration partners in Luxembourg we can set-up the vehicle that best suits your goals and help with operationally running it in a cost-effective and professional manner.

Islamic Finance teaches us that unethical tendencies in the system that translated into ‘impure’ investments need to be purified. Parmenion Ethical is co-founder of a charity – TripleF Foundation  – that globally supports education and knowledge transfer to socially-responsible entrepreneurs of today or tomorrow. In this connection we would aim to support education, training and enhancing mutuality. In ancient Greece there was the word agapè to denote a system of mutual care which is usually translated as charity. We can of course explore to what extent your and our charities could work together, so as to achieve economies of scale.


Our service offering


Lack of charity ultimately ends in a chaotic and interminable battle. Co-operating and really caring for what is universally needful is a sure way to more peace and satisfaction as the richest of the rich have now discovered. In practical terms Parmenion Ethical offers the following facilities as part of its philanthropic services:

  • Set-up of the best legal and tax structure for your charity (endowment, foundation, trust, other) and/or investment vehicle (fund, SPV);
  • Definition of the Investment Policy and practical Portfolio Management approach that will translate into good risk-adjusted returns, while being based on transparent ethical principles;
  • Operational management (executive or non-executive) support and (if required) ‘’marketing’’ of your charity;
  • Optimization of the disinvestment policy for the purpose of allocating to good causes.

We require a minimum size of EUR 1 million for this service offering in general and a minimum of EUR 10 million in case you want to set up your own fund. Our management fee is linked to the size (value of assets) of your charity and the breadth of service required with respect to the four afore-mentioned bullet points. For more information, please contact Parmenion Ethical director Erik van Dijk at He will of course treat your requests/questions with the highest level of discretion and confidentiality.