At Parmenion Group we follow a ‘man-machine’ concept, which implies that we like the rigor of quantitative models. Not with the idea to replace valuable qualitative, human input, but to support decision taking in our Investment Policy Committee. Dozens of statistical variables (financial market data, macro- and microeconomic information, geopolitical risk indicators, corruption and competitiveness ratings etc.) are collectively the ‘fuel’ of our machine processes.

Very often market participants following a quant process keep things as proprietary as they can. Not just the machine itself, but also the fuel. However: through talks with institutional and private clients and prospects, consultants and other market participants we have learned that a thorough statistical update in which we present some of the main model indicators is very much appreciated.


That is why we do present here on this website a number of important key variables showing you trends in:
i) financial market returns;
ii) financial market risks;
iii) recent economic developments in countries followed by us;
iv) economic prospects of countries; and
v) some other selected indicators.

Some are presented in table format, giving you an overview of the best and worst performers. Others will be presented as ‘heat maps’. I.e. a map of the world incorporating the data of all countries we follow with respect to a specific indicator. The better the results, the greener the country’s representation on the map. Poor performance will translate into orange-red coloring. The raw data are taken from some of the world’s best and most prestigious data providers (both commercial and (supra-)national). We are not data providers and will not present the data in any other format than the one shown here and there will be no download facility. If you want more data, the source information will tell you who the providers are. All stats presented will be updated on at least a quarterly basis.

Where necessary and feasible we will accompany a statistical representation (heat map, table) with a comment by our CIO that will hopefully help you extract even more information from it. We hope you enjoy our transparency!


“Forecasted Growth Rate Current to 2021”

Our CIO comments:
“This heat map shows the net annualized forecasted growth rate of global economies on a purchasing power parity basis in USD. Beware: since the numbers are all translated into USD and purchasing power, they might substantially differ from nominal growth figures. Forecasts do always play an important role on financial markets. However, they are obviously surrounded with uncertainty. Smaller countries might be less well researched than bigger countries, with the first often having less strong Bureaus of Statistics as well. Nevertheless, Parmenion Group believes that – in combination with other market data and fundamentals – this indicator is important for investors.”

Parmenion Group; IMF; Economist Intelligence Unit and the research departments of several best-of-breed asset managers (purchasing power parity basis; in USD)

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